Candy Cap Mushroom

Candy cap mushrooms are wildcrafed locally. When dried they smell and taste of butterscotch and maple syrup, without the sugar!

Berry Ginger

The heat of ginger balanced with the sweetness of berry. Very refreshing.

Ginger Turmeric

Turmeric and ginger are both know for being excellent anti-inflamitories. They give a one-two punch to pain!

Orange Julius

Bringing back childhood memories. Taste like a summer day with an Orange Creamcicle!

Flavored with real whole strawberries. Ahhh... bliss

Strawberry Bliss

Real raspberries, really!

Really Raspberry 

Delicious mango with a real kick of cayene!

Chili Mango

Apple and Chamomile with a touch of Lavender. Light and refreshing!

Apple Chamomile Lavender

RAW (Original)

The original. Just fresh kombucha!